Google App Engine
Google App Engine (GAE) is a cloud platform for hosting web applications and offers a number of advantages over traditional web server hosting.
Temp and Humidity
The first electronic sensor is the DHT-22 which senses the temperature and relative humidity of the surrounding air.
Online Temp and Humidity
Plot temperature and humidity data online with Google Chart Tools
Effectively monitoring ambient light is easy with a light-dependent resistor, or photoresistor,
Real-Time Graphing
The first method of creating a real-time display of data over the web
Environment DAQ
Temperature, humidity and light in one.
Environment DAQ w/ Water Temperature
Add water temperature sensor to the Environment DAQ
Connect a scientific-grade pH probe to an Arduino
Dissolved Oxygen
Dissolved Oxygen is a measure of the gaseous (molecular) oxygen
Water Temperature
A great sensor for monitoring temperature in liquid environments is the waterproof DS18B20.
Water Quality DAQ
Dissolved oxygen, pH and water temperature with an Arduino Mega
Real-Time Clock
A fundamental necessity of any controls system is the ability to track time.
Grow Light Controller
Extend the RTC to control a grow light
Online Relay Control
Remotely toggle a relay using the web and polling.
Pump Controller
Build your own dual-mode pump controller
Create an email and text message alert system.
Depth Sensor
Use an Arduino and differential pressure transducer to monitor tank levels and upload them to App Engine.